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Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Kate Doran from Flotsam Flo

In the run up to the Christmas Market we are excited to be chatting to some of the fabulous different business owners taking part, in our Meet The Owner series.

Today we are chatting to Kate Doran from Flotsam Flo, who make a range of accessories from recycled materials destined for landfill.


Describe your business in 3 words.

Recycled, unique, colourful

How long have you been trading and what has been your biggest learning?

I started Flotsam Flo and making these products at the beginning of October this year. This is my second market, so I am still very much learning. The community is amazing and there are always people around to ask for help. Never be afraid to ask for help.

What is your favourite item that you sell or make? 

My favourite piece of work so far, is the artwork I sewed together and made to cover the vandalism on the tunnel of the GP Surgery in Mount Hawke. It was brilliant to not only use recycled material for this, but also to do something positive to support the community.

What tip would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Take the leap of faith, it is most definitely worth it.

Describe your dream afternoon away from your business.

Walking my dog Peeper (who is one of the models for Flotsam Flo!) or gallivanting  on my bike or horse. There is no better way to get fresh air.

What are your top 3, all time favourite films?

The Goonies, The Chronicles of Narnia and Horton Hears a Who

What is your favourite season in St. Agnes and why?

Christmas! I play in the St. Agnes band so we get to play carols in the village for people and I put fairy lights on my tenor horn. Just something lovely about the atmosphere and community, especially on Christmas eve.

What are you asking for from Father Christmas this year?

More sewing machine needles and carrots for the horses

Flotsam Flo model Peeper in one of their fabulous designs.

You can find Flotsam Flo in the Church at the Christmas Market on the 10th December and @flotsam_flo

St. Agnes Parish Chamber of Commerce Christmas Market is on Friday 10th December 2021, 5.50pm-8.30pm in the Parish Church, Church Hall, local shops and eateries, MMI and Library.

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